Annual VFCE Members Meeting

The VFCE membership held its first annual Members Meeting on May 5, 2023.  This was a result of the past year’s effort of the VFCE Governing Committee’s development of the Center’s charter, the creation of a process for Center Membership and publication on the VFCE website.  The meeting reviewed the history of the VFCE, discussed the Charter, and strategized for the future.  In-depth educational presentations were given by Ed Robb of Anivive Life Sciences on ‘The delta-cps1 for dogs: the development process as a veterinary vaccine’ and Fariba Donovan on ‘Biologic response modifiers, their risk for serious Valley fever, and approaches for management’. 

Thoughtful improvements to the created organizational structure came out of the discussion. 

While it’s an option to apply for membership in the VFCE at any time, a push for existing Membership updates and expansion will occur annually each fall, in conjunction with Valley Fever Awareness Week in support of the Strategic Planning process as part of the College of Medicine - Tucson.

Dr. Galgiani ended the first Membership meeting with the note that this will be an annual event, hopefully next year to be held in a larger venue due to anticipated growth in the Membership!