Ongoing Work at the VFCE

The Valley Fever Center has been busy developing a vaccine against Valley Fever, as well as a possible cure, Nikkomycin Z.

Updates from the U of A on our progress

Awareness Initiatives

One of The Center's goals is to develop public awareness and education about Valley Fever. Every year since 2002, the Governor of Arizona designates a week in November as Valley Fever Awareness Week. This is a time that the Valley Fever Center for Excellence hosts various public events to improve education about Valley Fever. Among other activities, Dr. John Galgiani often presents an informative lecture during this week.



The newest edition of our Valley Fever Training Manual became available March 2019. This training manual is one of the best resources we provide. Its purpose is to help doctors & the public better understand Valley Fever.

Email us if you would like a physical copy.

To read the training manual online, please click here



In December 2015, the Center began to distribute COCCI pins to medical professionals, with the goal of spreading Valley Fever awareness among the medical community.

COCCI is an acronym that Dr. Galgiani created, intended to help medical professionals manage Valley Fever in their patients.

COCCI stands for:

Consider the diagnosis
Order the right tests
Check for risk factors
Check for complications
Initiate management

We designed our website to follow this acronym, check it out on our "Valley Fever in People" page