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The Immune System Response to Valley Fever in Dogs      

With generous funding from the American Kennel Club’s Canine Health Foundation, we are collecting blood samples from community owned dogs. Samples collected from dogs outside of the endemic region will be used as a “baseline” for our assay, as these dogs should have no immune response to the fungus.

Study Details


Asymptomatic Dogs Valley Fever Immune Response Study

This study is open to healthy dogs that have never been diagnosed with or treated for Valley Fever. Dogs will have a small amount of blood drawn and we will screen it for antibodies with a sensitive test, an enzyme immunoassay (EIA), at the University of Arizona

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Valley Fever Vaccine

Work on an effective vaccine for the prevention of Valley Fever in dogs has been ongoing for decades. Currently, we have a vaccine candidate that shows excellent efficacy in mice. We are proceeding through the steps of working with regulatory agencies in order to bring this vaccine to market for our canine patients, and then, ultimately, to humans residing in endemic regions.

Vaccine Update- Sept. 2019