Valley Fever Publication in Scientific American

A new article has been published in Sceintific American discussing the risks that Valley fever poses to outdoor workers and how this threat can be minimized using preventative measures and effective treatments. The full publication can be viewed HERE.

Dr. Galgiani Selected as Recipient of 2023 AZBio Pioneer Award for Lifetime Achievement

Congratulations to our esteemed director, Dr. John Galgiani, for being selected as the recipient for the 2023 AZBio Pioneer Award for Lifetime Achievement! This prestigious award is given to leaders in the biomedical industry that have improved the welfare and well being of Arizonans. We are so thankful to have such an amazing director leading our center towards success! Dr. Galgiani will be honored on September 27 by the Arizona Bioindustry Association. You can read more about this award and the ceremony HERE

Western States Regional Workshop for Cocci

Join us on November 3, 2023 in Phoenix, AZ for the Western States Regional Workshop for Coccidioidomycosis Emerging Public Health Problem and Mitigation Strategies! This workshop will discuss topics such as risk mitigation, vaccines, and other policy measures related to Valley fever. For more information, visit HERE.

NASEMs Valley Fever Workshop Proceedings and Presentations Now Available

The proceedings from the November 2022 Valley Fever Workshop at the National Academies are available HERE. The filmed presentations can be viewed HERE.

New Valley Fever Vaccine Fast Fact Sheet

A new Fact Sheet about a Valley fever vaccine is available for the public! This sheet has quick, condensed facts about Valley fever and how the development of a vaccine is moving forward at the University of Arizona. You can read the fact sheet HERE.

VFCE Membership and Valley Fever Collaborative

The VFCE has a new members page! If you work with or study Cocci at the University of Arizona and are interested in working with our center on new research and future projects, please fill out this form to apply for membership. 

You can also visit the new Valley Fever Collaborative page for info about how this group is addressing the health and economic burden caused by Valley fever. The Collaborative brings together a diverse team of interested parties to address the critical public health threat of Valley fever. If you are interested in joining the VFC, please fill out this application form.

Valley Fever Collaborative Page Now Live

You can now visit our new Valley Fever Collaborative page for info about what this group is doing across Arizona to combat the spread of Valley fever. If you are interested in joining the VFC, please fill out the application form.

Dr. John Galgiani Wins Inaugural UArizona Director’s Award

John Galgiani, MD, director of the University of Arizona Valley Fever Center for Excellence and professor in the UArizona College of Medicine – Tucson, was honored as the inaugural recipient of the Distinguished Director’s Award and one of 25 faculty members singled out for excellence in teaching, scholarship and outreach. Read the full article about this accomplishment HERE.

Valley Fever Collaborative Awarded $3.1M in Research Funds

The Arizona Board of Regents earmarked $3.1 million from the state’s Technology and Research Initiative Fund to support new research into Valley fever detection technology, genomics and seasonal outbreak patterns. This grant will allow UArizona, NAU, and ASU to work togehter to learn more about the environmental markers of Valley fever and find a solution to this longstanding problem. Read more about the grant HERE.

"Danger in the Dust" Podcast Series

KOLD News 13 has released a new podcast series about Valley fever called "Danger in the Dust". The episodes include interviews from our researchers at the VFCE, where they explain their involvement with Valley fever. You can listen the the series on any podcast streaming site, or visit HERE.

Cocci Publication in Scientific American

Scientific American recently released a new publication about fungal diseases, including Valley fever. It gives a deep dive into fungal diseases and their relation to COVID-19, and shows the potential outlook for the coming years. You can read the article HERE.

New Valley Fever Report from Arizona State University

This new report explains the financial costs to valley fever patients in the state of Arizona. The article describes the direct costs, such as doctor visits, treatment programs, and diagnostic procedures, as well as indirect costs from the loss of potential income once diagnosed with valley fever. It also touches on the differences of costs depending on manifestations of valley fever.

What to Know About Valley Fever During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Questions about Valley Fever during the COVID-19 Pandemic? Read this article from Banner and Dr. Galgani to help answer your questions! 

Click here to read more


New Valley Fever Training Manual

The third addition of the Valley Fever Manual has been finished! Click here: Valley Fever Training Manual to see the new manual! 

Would you like to see a Valley Fever Specialist?

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