Ongoing research

Valley Fever Vaccine

Work on an effective vaccine for the prevention of Valley Fever in dogs has been ongoing for decades. Currently, we have a vaccine candidate that shows excellent efficacy in mice. We are proceeding through the steps of working with regulatory agencies in order to bring this vaccine to market for our canine patients, and then, ultimately, to humans residing in endemic regions.

Vaccine Update - Feb. 2017



A Survey of Alpaca Ownership and Valley Fever

We are currently enrolling alpaca owners to participate in an anonymous online survey.

The first part of the survey aims to learn more about the locations of alpaca herds, and all owners are invited to complete this section. The second part of the survey is designed to learn more about alpacas diagnosed with Valley Fever between 2005 and the present.

Link to Survey

Questions about this study can be directed to Dr. Christine Butkiewicz at or 520-626-6527.


Itraconazole Blood Levels

Itraconazole is an azole antifungal that is often used to treat Valley Fever in dogs.

It is available from a variety of sources with widely ranging costs. For example, it may be obtained from a local pharmacy, from a Canadian pharmacy, or in a compounded form. It has been demonstrated that the different formulations affect the absorption of the drug into the dog’s system. The goal of this study is to determine what formulations achieve therapeutic levels in dogs with Valley Fever.

We are currently looking for dogs that have been on any formulation of itraconazole to treat Valley Fever for at least two weeks.

We will take one blood sample to test the level of drug in your dog. There is no immediate benefit to your dog for participation in this study, although the results will help veterinarians make more informed decisions about treating Valley Fever in their patients.

To participate in this study, please contact Dr. Lisa Shubitz at, or Dr. Christine Butkiewicz at